If you don’t know about June teenth, go check it out, an interesting part of history.

We are moving along with our plans for HD-2, the furniture was delivered Friday, and we start installation on the new control room next week. The transmission system is in place and has been tested, we just needed a control room and additional audio delviery system, and of course CONTENT! Hopefully part of that will be more 8 Track Flashback in an evening timeslot. We were foretunate to procure grant funding to purchase this equipment.

How are you holding up with the heat? We didn’t do very well last Sunday when our air conditioning at the transmitter site failed and we had to go off the air. Our fifteen year old system had some temporary repairs done Monday and we got back on, and the final repairs were completed in Thursday. We need to replace that old system ,as well as our 15 year old analog (FM) transmitter.

Which brings me to my last comment. I finally got the total from the May fundraiser for 8tfb, and we only had about $2490 in pledges. We used to do nearly double that. The problem is that a only a few of our thousands of listeners call in and do their part. You can help, just think about giving say $10 to the station. If 300 folks did that, it would make up the difference. Public, listener supported radio requires just that, listener support, and shows like 8 Track Flashback cannot continue without funding from the folk who enjoy it. So please consider making a contribuation in the name of 8tfb at www.wncu.org.

Thanks, Jim Davis