Happy day before Halloween. We won’t play Superstition or Thriller or Ghostbusters or even Monster Mash (how much can we stand) but did play Dinner with Drac (1958), Morgus the Magnificent (1960) and The Mummy (1959) which turned up in stereo.

Our Fall Fundraiser was for the most part a success, and thanks to all who pledged. We are still $650 short of the $4000 goal for the four hours we were on, and if you missed your chance, you can go pledge through the WNCU website. And as an 8 Track Flashback website special, I will extend my 100 year NCCU Centennial celebration 1910 Lincoln Penny premium to at least the first 20 pledges of $35 or more that come in the door. Prompt payment is the determiner, if we get more than 20 payments I will see what I can do about getting more pennies.

Thanks for listening…Jim Davis

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