Goal for the station: $56463.00    goal for 8 Track Flashback  $4000, we raised $3350.00

Well, the time is here where once again we need listeners to help us keep the show on the air on WNCU. Radio shows have come and gone on WNCU over the years, the reason 8 Track Flashback has survived (even a brief period when I left the show..) is because the listeners want to hear this music on the air and support the show and the station financially.

See the list of premiums on the page at the top of the site, and call if you see something in particular you would like before it gets gone.

So even if you can’t pledge enough to get a CD as a premium, don’t think you can’t help. $25 and $35 pledges add up, and every little bit helps, so give us a call, 919-560-9628 and make a pledge during the show to demonstrate yout support, or this time next year we may be gone.

We would like to thank the following who have shown their support and pledged:

James Davis

L H Lazarus

James Smith

Cathy Cole

Margaret Eason

Patrick Marlin or Martin (volunteer’s hadwriting ambiguous…)

Jon Miller

Some one who had pledged previously requested Palisades Park by Freddie Cannon

A donor also requested Frenzy by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

John Clifford

(we have more to thank, just waiting for info…)

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