Good fundraiser in spite of th economy! If you missed the fundraiser and would like to make a contribution to 8 Track Flashback and WNCU, you can go to the WNCU website,

According to the front office, we raised $4140.  Last October, the total was $3400.70. Thanks to all the folk who pledged. Please remember to honor your pledge, while the support from your phone calls is important, the money is what pays the bills. Let me know about any problems with your premiums, and I will do my best to fix any problems. Once again, thanks, and if you missed the show, go to the WNCU website, and have them credit your donation to 8tfb.

See you on the radio….Jim Davis

3 Responses to “Today is the day! 4/18/2009 fundraiser 8tfb and WNCU”

  1. Fritz says:

    What was the name of that Frankie Lymon tuen that came on today just after Dion/ I wonder why..??

  2. Jim Davis says:

    Hello Fritz–

    That was “Who can explain”. It was the Teenager’s third release on the Gee label, and the flip side was “I Promise to remember”, which was a cover of a Jimmy (Castor) and the Junior’s song on Wing. Both sides of the record charted.

    Thanks for listening.

    Jim Davis

  3. Fritz says:

    Thanks Great Show

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