hello hello…last week was a bear, power was cut to the station at the studio, the generator malfunctioned and I had to spend a bunch of time during my show putting everything to rights with the station equipment. So no playlist on line until now, we have the 13th and the 20th on the site, realized the 6th is not up, will do so in the next few days. Hope you enjoyed the Sam Cooke special from 2-4pm.

Ended up not doing the countdown this week, will do it on the 27th. Thanks for listening…Jim Davis

2 Responses to “February 20, 2010”

  1. Hi there,

    Love your show! Wondering about the song you played around 12:45pm — the chorus was something like “Do a little bit better than I used to do.” Can you tell me the name and who sings it?

    Thanks for your great show and all the hard work you put into it!

    — Lanya Shapiro

  2. Jim Davis says:

    I believe that would have been Joe Tex singing “I’ve got to do just a little bit better”. Thanks for listening.

    Jim Davis

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