Back at the station for another edition of 8 Track Flashback. Using the spare time to get some new music in the system, finally loading the Chess New Orleans 2 CD set, some great material there by artists I had not been aware of. Also a recent acquisition from Not Now music called “Harlem Stroll”, R&B from around 1955 into the early 60s’.

One thing worth mentioning…when going to “pages” to look for the current playlist you need to scroll through the various playlist to get to the current one.

Thanks for listening, and if you can make a contribution to WNCU and 8 Track Flashback, times are getting tougher with opportunities for our usual fundraising activities limited.



2 Responses to “End of May–Hope you are doing well”

  1. Allison Harden says:

    Hi Mr. Davis, l enjoy the show very much, and on the recent show which aired 6/13/20 you featured a song by a female blues artist who died at age 27 that I was mot familiar with, seems her nane was Liz Jones or something similar. The song was aired around 12:30 – 1 on Saturday. I would like to look up the artist if you could please confirm the artist’s name. I don’t see an archived playlist for the most recent show so thought I would check with you for more info. Thanks for always highlighting great music on your show, we appreciate it! Regards, Allison Harden, Chapel Hill

  2. Jim Davis says:

    Linda Jones. Died of complications diabetes. Her big hit was “Hynotized” in 1967.

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