So we’ll try Eight track Flashback home edition again. Made some tech changes and no rain over night so hopefully will work better. We shall see…

Will update after we get underway. In any case should have a playlist up.

Thanks for checking by…Jim Davis

Update–seems to work ok. About two hours in and internet working fine.

BTW–for anyone who might want to call, we have our special phone number set up, 919-606-2525 if you would like to call

BUT–please call AFTER I stop talking on microphone, since the phone will ring. I may just take it off hook while talking.



2 Responses to “Trying again, staying home”

  1. Paul Cook says:

    On May 16 around 3:30 you played a sing that might have been entitled ‘Too Much of a Little Thing’. Who did this song, when, and what can tell me about it. Would love to locate it.

  2. Jim Davis says:

    Too much of a little bit by the Five Royales. Early, 1951 Apollo records. I found it on a Proper Records 4 CD box set, roots of doo wop or something like that. Thanks for listening…

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