Hope you are well and staying distant. So this will be the third week of doing 8tfb from the house. I was able to program music remotely, so now all the volunteer work is remote.

Was able to get last week’s playlist on the site while doing the show, but have not gotten to past shows, just too busy. Hope to have this week up as I broadcast, and maybe get some old ones up later.

Managed to get phone access working, so if you want to call me you can. I would suggest listening (of course…) and call right after I go off microphone. That way the phone won’t ring while I am on the air and I will have some time to talk to you.

The number is 919-606-2525, a special number for 8tfb, not answered any other time and will probably give a canned message rather than a ring.

But for now is good…Thanks for listening. Jim Davis

Post script–Well the internet connection from the station is crashing intermittently, so I came in to the studio, did a few breaks and some voice tracks. With the new order of things we are most likely look at going forward even after this immediate situation (hopefully) resolves, my expectation is we will need to significantly upgrade our internet service, hopefully we can find the resources to do that and a provider that can work with the campus IT folk to get it done. I think the rain has affected our current connection, so maybe live next week.  –JWD

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