So we have managed to keep the show on the air in spite of the Corona virus pandemic. We are now social distancing by not coming to the station to do volunteer work for the radio show, while still coming in only as needed for the technical operation. One week we simply voice tracked the show as we have done in the past when unable to come in due to other commitments or being out of town with no substitute like Travis or Michael Reese being available to fill in.

This past weekend I did the show remotely from my home office, using the internet to control the music and send my voice to the station. I think that went pretty well. The challenge now is programming the music into the computer for next weekend remotely, I have a way to do that which should work, and will try that out in the next day or so.

I now have access to this web site from my home office, and will try and get around to posting playlists for the past two shows as time permits.

Technology allows us to stay safe in ways unimaginable twenty or even ten years ago. The problem for many folk is inadequate internet service, and I hope the carriers and the government will help remedy that situation after the immediate crisis is over. In the meantime radio provides a medium of connectivity and entertainment which works without the need for complicated infrastructure reaching so many of those who would listen, and I hope you will continue listening and support WNCU and 8 Track Flashback.

Say safe now…Jim Davis

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