Thinking back over all the shows I’ve done since I took over the Saturday slot and Eight Track Flashback in November of 1996 it seems the most important thing keeping me going is the support from listeners who tell me how much they appreciate the show and then put their money where their mouth is by making a contribution to the station,

So it’s that time again and while I would rather be playing more music and talking less about supporting Eight Track Flashback and WNCU, I recognize that raising money for the station and the program is essential for keeping the show on the air.

My work (if you can call it that given the enjoyment and satisfaction it gives me…) is done as a volunteer for WNCU, and additionally I am paying for the music I find to play on the air (and believe it or not there is still a lot of music I keep finding..). But the station has expenses to keep the show on the air for electricity, equipment maintenance and our ever diligent support staff, so funding is essential.

So I hope you will participate from your end, give us a call at 919-560-9628 between now and next Saturday October 24th, and designate your contribution to Eight Track Flashback. You can also donate at the station’s secure web site at

So thank you for past and future support, stay safe and keep listening!

Thanks, Jim Davis

I guess our rain perhaps fallout from Delta down in the gulf? Anyway, fall is my  favorite season, rain this weekend notwithstanding.

Bought the second volume of Boss Black Rockers, and some good material there, youll’ hear some today.

Also bought a Specialty label LP (yeah…not CD) off eBay, primarily for the cover, will see about posting a picture, lets just say Radio DJ themed art work. Looked at the credits, Barry Hansen, aka Dr Demento, so not surprised.

Discovered a great Stick McGhee tune, Venus Blues from 1950 (Atlantic). Need to track down the best way to get it to play on the air, but for now if you’re a curious, you can find it on YouTube.



Back again, another Saturday with a lot of neat music. As I mentioned last week a lot of late ’40’s material, so the last hour of the show includes a lot of new material, Joe Turner and Dave Bartholomew as well known names but a number of other greats tunes by unfamiliar folk. To try and keep some balance I’m also looking out for “new” music from the middle fifties to the early sixties to. A possible source is a series of CDs from a DJ called “The Mojo Man”. I have obtained the first of this series “Boss Black Rockers” and will play two tunes form this, one of which is a 1962 release featuring Little Richard’s road band The Upsetters, and with a vocal by the man himself. Speaking of Dave Bartholomew, the tune is a Dave and Fats composition. Look for it in hour #2. There are at least 4 more in the series and will get to them in time…