Hello, and welcome in. As always you can follow my playlist for the show by going to the current page. Anyway I thought I would bring you up to date on what I have been up to… “New” music. Obviously by this I mean music that I have not played before on 8 Track Flash Back. There are a number of sources for new music. Lately I have been adding a lot of late  40’s, post war R&B as a result of finding a site called “Spontaneous Lunacy”. I believe the author is in the UK, or at least Europe, and they are reviewing music and artists from that period, working through records (78 rpm for original issue) starting in 1947 with what they consider the birth of Rock and Roll, Roy Brown’s “Good Rockin’ Tonight”. Not sure I agree it was that late, but not a bad demarcation point. Also their definition of Rock and Roll is quite broad and idiosyncratic, they included “It’s Too Soon to Know” by the Orioles (and others..) which  I would consider a very important recording and event in musical history, but the song and performance itself are not what I would consider Rock and Roll. They are now up to middle/late 1950. So they have some heavy hitters under the belt and I do not find much to disagree with them on the reviews as to quality and importance. But what is important is that I am finding records by artists I both know well and unknown that are worth obtaining and playing on the air. So I have been doing that. So this is a site I recommend you take a look at. Much of what they say is supported by other sources, the musical reviews are on point of the most part, and what I cannot vouch for sounds reasonable and all of it makes an entertaining read. More later…show about to begin!