Back at the station for another edition of 8 Track Flashback. Using the spare time to get some new music in the system, finally loading the Chess New Orleans 2 CD set, some great material there by artists I had not been aware of. Also a recent acquisition from Not Now music called “Harlem Stroll”, R&B from around 1955 into the early 60s’.

One thing worth mentioning…when going to “pages” to look for the current playlist you need to scroll through the various playlist to get to the current one.

Thanks for listening, and if you can make a contribution to WNCU and 8 Track Flashback, times are getting tougher with opportunities for our usual fundraising activities limited.



Now that the orders for stay at home are modified I am back at the studio for the show. So I can take phone calls, feel free to call but best to do so immediately after I stop talking on the air. The number is 919-560-9628.

I hope you enjoyed my little Richard retrospective last week, as a result of that I did some digging and have purchased a 3 CD Little Richard Specialty Records session set (not the HUGE Ace records set, too expensive…) and will be getting some of that material reviewed and ready for next week. Take care and stay safe…