Well we have been¬†¬†busy, the end of year fundraiser, and two weeks of documenting every song I played for Sound Exchange reporting, which is required when we stream music on the internet. While it is a real pain and means I can’t do the play list on my web site due to lack of time, it does mean there is money to pay artists, or perhaps their families, hope it’s not just going to folks who have cheated the artists out of their music rights (aka Big Record Companies…).

Thanks to all who pledged during the fund raiser, and to the volunteers who answered the phones and Roger Crawford who sat in with me and helped make the case for community supported radio. Please now send in your pledges so we can get all these CDs out of here!

The snow on Sunday meant the Gospel folks did not get their time to pitch, so if you enjoy what they do, then when you listen tomorrow, call in and support them and the station as a whole.

So back to this week’s play list, and have a great Holiday Season.