By a somewhat roundabout route I was made aware that at least one fan of the show missed some playlists for Februrary, namely 2/5, 2/12 and 2/19. The last two did not get on the site since I was busy during the show putting entries in the Sound Exchange music log for WNCU’s webstream. Sound Exchange is the entity that collects and distributes payments from those who stream music on the web, and from time to time the station has to log everything they play for a two week period, and I have to do that. My only real concern is that the proper amount of that money does go to the artists and not just line the pockets of the music companys who very often cheated them in theĀ first place back in the day.

I really don’t remember why I didn’t do one for the 5th, though I might have been out of town that weekend. Anyway, I am glad that someone was interested enough to contact me about it and I had some time this weekend to get caught up.

This coming Saturday we count down our 18 top R&B chart records from March, 1961, and are getting ready for the upcoming fundraiser on April 9th. In particular with the budget cutting targeting NPR in particular and public radio in general, support for stations such as ours is ever more important. Additionally stations at Universities have to watch their backs as the powers that be look for sources of revenue to deal with cash shortfalls, which means that stations that don’t support themselves and require university funding may find themselves up for sale to the highest bidder. Happened here in North Carolina with Campbell College (WCCE), out at the University of San Francisco (KUSF), and at Rice University (KTRU).

So I hope you will consider making a contribution to WNCU in general and 8 Track Flashback in particular, three Saturdays from now on April 9th. Or any time the spirit might move you as you hear some particular tune I play that you like.

Jim Davis