Fundraising is one of the necessary evils of Public Radio. It would be nice if listeners just sent in a few bucks now and then to support the programs they enjoy, but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

Also, it is always a small minority of folks who call in and contribute, or check out the website (…) and support us that way. As a volunteer who also contributes money at pledge time, I ask that you volunteer some cash if you enjoy the radio show.

It’s crunch time,  I don’t have any CDs as premiums this time around,  but we do have a drawing for the trip on the WNCU website (note that you DO NOT need to contribute to sign up for the drawing…) and some neat WNCU paraphenailia, so it’s that and the tax deduction, and the warm feeling of supporting something you want to continue. We are looking for 100 new members, and personally I think $25 is a good level on contribution for a weekly show like 8 Track Flashback.

Thanks, in advance, Jim Davis