First hour, sixties music with an album cut from one of Otis Redding’s last LP as well as TV Slim.

Second hour we count down 18 great and surprising sides from July 1960.

Third hour 1950’s and group sounds.

And finally heading to the forties with some boogied by Amos Milburn, Cecil Gant and the great Albert Ammons band.

So it is the Sunday after the show, just too busy to post or put up the playlist as I usually do while I am on the air. As folk in the area know we had very unsettled weather with many Thunderstorm alerts yesterday, and for me radio stations besides the one I was DJ-ing for calling needing help due to power failures/etc. Also we are building a new studio at WNCU for our HD-2 programs, and I had personnel in working on that who needed help from time to time.

So I have now got the playlist from yesterday up on the current playlist page. A listener called in requesting something by Redd Foxx, we had a conversation about his party records, mostly released on the Dootone or Dooto labels (best known for “Earth Angel” by the Penguins). Agreed I probably wouldn’t play any of that (I do have some…) since we are not in the FCC “Safe Harbor” time period, the recent court rulings notwithstanding. So I played a more musically inclined item from Redd Foxx from around 1947 in the fourth hour.

I’ve been corresponding back and forth with Victor Pearlin, looking for some singles for the July countdown show next week, ended up getting them off Ebay since he didn’t have any duplicates he could help me out with. We are both interested to see how good the condition is, Victor is very picky on grading, his records are always very clean, he is conservative and rarely sells anything below E for excellent, which means not “new” but “really nice”.

Many of the 45s I have are in varying condition, but I find that careful cleaning, dubbing in monaural off the turntable preamp (for mono recordings) and then using the noise reduction features in the Adobe Audition editing program will do wonders for “cleaning up” the sound. Also is is amazing how often I find LP cuts in stereo, and again a little work with the editor makes them sound quite good on the air.

Jim Davis

Certainly nicer weather, hope it’s good where you are. Temperatures in the 80’s. This week, car, truck and motorcycle songs in the #2 hour, some favorites of yours I’m sure and certainly some of mine, from the 50’s into the 70’s. Among them Hot Rod Lincoln, Wolf Creek Pass, Black Demin Trouser and Motorcycle boots (different version than what you might expect) and some Beachboys.

We’ll have it all listed on our “current playlist” page….Jim Davis