I see by the news that i-tunes celebrated its 10 billionth download. And what tune was downloaded?? Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two and “Guess things happen that way”, a Sun label release that charted in 1958.

Since the files from i-tunes are mp3, we do not use them here on 8trackflashback for technical reasons, but in general the sound has been good on what I have heard. As someone who listens to 8tfb  and likes the old and perhaps obscure stuff, what has your experience with i-tunes been? Let me know by posting a comment, and I’ll post interesting experiences here on the site.

Jim Davis

hello hello…last week was a bear, power was cut to the station at the studio, the generator malfunctioned and I had to spend a bunch of time during my show putting everything to rights with the station equipment. So no playlist on line until now, we have the 13th and the 20th on the site, realized the 6th is not up, will do so in the next few days. Hope you enjoyed the Sam Cooke special from 2-4pm.

Ended up not doing the countdown this week, will do it on the 27th. Thanks for listening…Jim Davis

Nothing like a quiet Sunday to work on music for the show. First up, a new Spaniels CD, “The Spaniels: Rock ‘n’ Roll Legends” from Charly Records, a great English label that’s been around for years. I was fishing for the last Spaniels chart record on Vee Jay, “I Know” from 1960, and found this, it also has “One hundred years from today”, and 28 more cuts, covering most all the hits, some great album cuts and unreleased material. I got this one off Ebay.

Next up, an early fifties jump CD, “RCA Jump ‘n’ Jive volume 1” on Official. A lot of this material was first released on the RCA “50” series of 45 RPM singles when RCA first introduced the 45 RPM record starting in 1949. This series was issued on orange vinyl, and this CD includes Blow Top Lynn and his House Rockers (Reliefin’ Blues is a cut on this which I have played off vinyl for years) and Gay Cross and his Good Humor Six (a new group to me, they do a credible version of Louis Jordan’s big hit of 1949, Saturday Night Fish Fry). I got this one from Victor Pearlin, but they can be found on Ebay as well. Look up Victor if you are into jump blues stuff, he has it at good prices.

Last is “Best of Tyrone Davis” from Rhino. Tyrone comes late to the game for 8TFB, but “Can I change my mind” and “Turn back the hands of time” are classics, and 18 cuts on this CD cover these and big hits from his later career. Good listening and I’ll probably slip one in once in a while, and Howard may well borrow this for the Funk Show.

We have these available as premiums also for the next fundraiser, and if you pledged in our last one, thanks.

Saturday February 20th will feature our monthly countdown of the top 18 R&B chart records from 50 years ago, so it will be February 1960, and then comes the two hour Sam Cooke special.

Have a good week…Jim Davis

Good day to stay in and listen to the show.  The snow flurries have stopped but the skies are gray. Time to go work on the current playlist…if the automation computer where I store my music will let me. So if things sound a little rough this week, we are working through the problems and waiting for some new equipment.