My my my…snow has hit the triangle. Luckily this time we had lots of notice and could prepare. Most everyone here at WNCU has pre-programmed their show so no one has to come in unless absolutely necessary. But I am live on the air today, living 5 minutes from the station, part of my job as the engineer is to clean the snow out of the NPR satellite dish, so we had a ladder at the ready.

And sure enough, driving over just before 11am I heard NPR blip out during the newscast. So up the ladder with the broom and about 30 minutes later we have NPR back.

I fully expect that after the show I will be back up the ladder once again to clear it out, hopefully it will then hold for the overnight programming.

Unlike me, you can stay in and enjoy the radio show or listen on the Internet.

Jim Davis

We have instituted a live playlist which I update as I play songs on the show. So you can log in and follow along with the show and know what I am playing. I have also put the phone number up for requests, please remember if you call that I may not be able to answer immediately, so let it ring, also if you get no answer, then call back.

It is with a sad heart that I report a member of the WNCU family has passed on. Steve Satterfield of Sunday morning’s Precious Memories gospel show lost his long fight with cancer. He was a good friend and co-worker and a fan of 8 Track Flashback, I knew him for over 20 years and many radio stations we worked at together including many years at the old WSRC.  He will be missed here in the Triangle.


We have worked out how this can happen, two playlists from November 2009 are up, as well as the one from today, January 9th. I will probably tweak how they look over the next few weeks, and I would also like any comments you might have as to what info you find useful, and what we might add.

Thanks for your patience, and also thanks to all the folks who called in and pledged for our year end fundraiser for the station, your support helps keep the station going and 8 Track flashback on the air.

Jim Davis